“Boujie Hippie”

A “Boujie Hippie” is someone who loves is spiritual, loves an organic and whole-food, plant-based diet. Believes in holistic health. Self-Care Lover. Believes in the universe, Nikola Tesla, Astrology, Crystals, Core Values & Morals. Free-Spirited, Thinker. Community, Consciousness, Expression, Compassion, Mind Expansion, Acceptance, Appreciation, Love & Music. Travel

But who also loves Luxury. The finer things in life. Loves being glam. Hair, Makeup, Clothing, Nails. Loves Material Items, Shoes, Bags…but quiet luxury. Loves looking put together and classy. Takes care in appearance. Loves luxury vacations. Wine tasting. Honestly whatever makes you FEEL good.

& yes, you can be both. It’s about manifesting abundance ✨

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