I Can’t Function Without Lash Extensions.

I saw this meme somewhere, it said “I can’t do anything without my lash extensions, I can’t even hear.” And that’s literally me….. I don’t know my name, I don’t even look the same when they aren’t done. It’s such a shame. But that feeling you get when you get that new fresh set is the best feeling in the world. It’s like you’re a whole new woman!

When I get my lashes done, I get Featherized Fans. D Curl. I usually ask for 16-17mm (Idk I think that’s the length, correct me if i’m wrong), mixed together. I like them wispy and full. But not too full where it’s heavy. I like that sultry, elongated eye look. Sometimes I get them shorter around the corners of my eye, so they don’t get too heavy, but usually I don’t.

There’s just nothing better than already having your lashes on. 24/7. Do you feel the same?

Everything in the photo is linked here —> Click Here!

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