My Morning Supplements

I love supplements. I like having a whole store inside the kitchen. It’s hard to get all your nutrients when you’re plant-based/vegan..etc. This is why I take all of these. I don’t like taking pills, so I’ll always go the liquid route. Just all of it to be in optimal health. I always also take a shot of immunity support just because, but even extra since it’s cold/flu season. Build that immune system!

Adrenal Super Tonic is great for calming down cortisol levels. It helps support the body’s ability to respond to stress.

Advanced TRS is a heavy metal detox.

Modere TRIM inhibits fat storage, reduces fat cell formation, improves muscle tone, and restores youthful skin.

Liquid B-12 w/ B- Complex helps a healthy nervous system, boosts energy, and helps prevent heart disease…many many more benefits.

Cymbitioka D3 + K2 + COQ10 helps with mental clarity, bone growth & density, normal blood clotting, and a powerful role in cardiovascular health.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Synergy C 1000MG helps in immune support, collagen production, and healthy aging, firmer, healthier skin.

NeoCell Liquid Collagen+ C is for healthy skin, hair, nails & joint support. Healthy collagen formation with Vitamin C. (Best collagen supplements. My hair and nails are so long and strong.)

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