Yoga Benefits & Why It’s Therapeutic

Now, I’ve always been one to take yoga. But not until recently, I started taking it a lot more seriously. It’s been over a year since I started my journey and it’s now literally therapy for me. I went on a spiritual awakening last year and it’s opened my eyes and mind to a lot. I never realized how much trauma I had stored in my body. If you want to know more about that , this article ( it explains everything.

Looking back at videos from when I first was starting to now being in class and my mind, body connection is such a powerful thing. I couldn’t even do a split, but now i’m over here doing standing splits.

I love doing this morning yoga when I wake up. Just to stretch out the body from sleeping and to move my body.

I use yoga for everything. I’ve said before I don’t take medicine. I resort to eastern medicine. So anything I can just google for stomach issues, opening up thrid eye, whichever honestly.

Types of Yoga

  • Hatha : Beginners, Slow- Paced Movement
  • Vinyasa : (My favorite) Faster Paced, Heart Pumping
  • Ashtanga : Vinyasa Style, A lot physically, Disciplined
  • Kundalini : Female energy, Spiritual Focus, Chants
  • Bikram : Sweaty & Detoxify, 40% Humiditity
  • Iyengar : Props, Detail, Slow-Paced
  • Yin : Floor based, Meditation, Holding postions
  • Restorative : De-stress, Scented everything, Relaxation

All my favorite yoga essentials

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