My Spiritual Awakening

Warning …Long story ahead.

I kinda touched a little on this previously on my Cymbiotika post. But I’m not going to make this a college essay or anything. Just speaking honestly & truthfully.

Now, I’ve always been an enlightened person. Even if I wasn’t tapping into it. I was always drawn to it. Crystals, Tarots, Astrology, Holistic, Incense, Sage, Palo Santo…list goes on. I honestly would say things and I’ve had people respond like ”you’re crazy” or ”here you go again” but to the people who would actually listen (love you guys forever).

Throughout the years of dabbling in everything. I found my passion. Photography, Graphic Design, Makeup/Hair (beauty school background) and Website Development. Obviously. (Real ones know I’ve been ”blogging” since 2014) upon awakening is just waking up people to a better quality of life.

Okay, so 2020 comes around and it’s insane. IYKYK. I don’t need to explain more. Since we all went through the same exact thing. Anyway with everything going on, virus wise it sounded fishy to me. & that’s when it happened.

My spiritual awakening came and hit me like a ton of bricks. I went completely vegan. I cut off anything that wasn’t serving me. Therapy, healing trauma, social media detox…list goes on. All I did was eat fresh whole foods, research, do yoga, meditate, affirmations, mantras, chanting, reprogramming my subconscious, visit my holistic store every day, crystal shopping..I mean, the list goes on. I would literally fall asleep every night with reprogramming your subconscious mind videos on youtube. Changed my music to only Hz frequencies. Learning all about Nikola Tesla 3,6,9 method. Learning more about herbs and all the benefits. Changing my mindset, motivational videos. Threw away all my products and swapped them out for all natural ingredients. (Make sure you don’t have fluoride in your toothpaste and aluminum in your deodorant) I cancelled all my streaming subscriptions. I mean I went all out.

I did everything alone. I traveled, went on solo trips outta state, went to parks/walks and sit and eat lunch just listening to nature. No technology. I deleted social media, I deleted twitter, I wanted to be completely ghost from it. I unfollowed lots of people, and replaced it with anything holistic, awakening or vegan related. I wore crystals everyday.

When I finally felt ready to be back on social media. I met so many people online from TikTok & Clubhouse who had the same mentality. Where I didn’t feel alone. Everyone I tried to talk to about it, called me “crazy” or would just write me off. It’s hard when you have a different mindset during a time where people love to get mad for having your own opinions/values. No one tells you it’s a lonely road so I’m thankful for my awakened spiritual online friends lol.

I did a lot of rituals. Mind you this was during 2020 and we had nothing to do. I took that time and made my practice my full time job. Never told anyone except you guys. Crazy to hear but I let the universe guide and take care of me. But it changed me for the better and made me the person who I am now, and I honestly thank my spirit guides and the universe for forcing it on me. Now I see the world with wide eyes.

Fast forward to today, and you’re reading this post. I like to now call myself a boujee hippie, because I love material things, I love nice things but it’s only the best. It’s all in my divine feminine power.

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