Why I am OBSESSED w/ Cymbiotika

If you follow me on Instagram, pics like these are super familiar. I post it all the time! Cymbiotika is top of the line, all natural supplements that are legit MAGIC.

I found this brand last year during quarantine, I had a spiritual awakening which was huge. Led me to completely getting rid of everything. I completely changed who I was in order to become a better me. During that time, with the virus going on. I was just super skeptical with everything happening. If you know me I don’t believe in taking ”pills” in order to get better/healthy. I’m HUGE on herbs, holistic health..like it’s your immune system. I went completely vegan. I mean it was serious. I refused to put crap into my body. I was that person in the health food store looking at ingredients. If I didn’t know what the ingredient was. I would put it back on the shelf. Anyhooo I’ll get into all of that in another post.

Social media algorithms are funny like that. During my time it led me to an instagram account Chervin Jafarieh (@chervin333) I related to everything he was saying. That’s when I found his company. Cymbiotika. An all vegan, all natural, optimal health supplement line.

If you haven’t tried his line. I highly recommend it. I literally get everyone on this. It’s changed so many lives. The reviews speak for itself. I usually feel like other supplement lines don’t really work. Cymbiotika works instantly. You can feel the benefits.

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My EVERYDAY needs are :

Next on my order list :

I take the Adrenal Super Tonic every morning, just directly in my mouth. Followed with Shiljat and now I mix the Magnesium L-Threonate in it. Gives it a sweet vanilla taste with my Shiljat.

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