How I Grew my Pinterest Viewers from 3.8k to 322k+

I don’t know if any of you guys still use Pinterest, but if you’re wanting to bring more traffic to your blog. Pinterest is the way to go!

Especially with how Instagram algorithm it’s a lot harder to reach your audience on that platform alone. I’ve been super happy on how fast it’s growing and how many of you guys are visiting my pinterest & my site. & I’m not even kidding you, this is showing the progress from June 7th, so it’s only been a month! I’ve had a few photos go “viral” which increased my spike on visitors. I’ve attached my progress below..

A few tips to get to bring more people onto your pinterest and blog.

First off, you want to switch to a business account. So you can see your analytics. The main things that matter are impressions, clicks, repins and unique visitors.

Impressions means how many times your pins are getting showed up on others pinterest feed. Clicks are how may clicks you’re getting to your website. Repins when others are pinning your content to their boards.

If you follow me on Pinterest I do spam, lol! I pin about 20+ pins a day. I also create pins , meaning posting my own photos and letting the pinterest world take care of the rest. You want to make sure your pinning 80% other pins and 20% your pins.

Honestly what I can say is that you have to take the time out everyday in order to grow it organically. Making sure you’re testing out what pics/pins work for your audience. I’m no expert in growing a following, but if you take the time good things will come.

For some reason I love pinterest more than Instagram. I’m still learning what works and doesn’t along the way, but I’ve been posting my progress on my IG stories and have been getting responses back on how I’ve been doing that. So I decided to make a little post! 🤗

Thanks for reading!
💋 Mahagony

10 thoughts on “How I Grew my Pinterest Viewers from 3.8k to 322k+

  1. Crystle Marie says:

    Yes! This is great advice. I love pinterest. I’m going to add you.
    I get a few repins but nothing major.
    But I will switch it up and see how it goes. Thanks love 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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