Current Skin Care Obessions

I wanted to share a few of my current skin care obsessions as of right now. I always tend to get asked what I use skin care wise, but honestly I’m always trying new things or (the next best thing) to make me look as young as possible forever. LOL. Here’s just a few things below that I was introduced to and I can’t get enough!

So, I’m obsessed with exfoliators. There’s something extremely satisfying about exfoliating, might be the feeling of new, fresh, baby soft skin. Or just scrubbing away all that dead skin to help cell turn over rate. BUT you never want an exfoliator too abrasive so you don’t cause microscopic tears in your skin! 😬

1. Derma-E Overnight Peel

Leave this on overnight to wake up to newly fresh skin. AHA’s to remove dead surface skin cells, overall gives the face a more even, brighter tone. Plus it’s 100% vegan!

2. Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Microdermabrasion

After just one use, you’ll see an immediate smooth texture. Over time lines, wrinkles, pores decrease with use.

3. La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator

Sea salt and sugar crystals detoxify the skin.  Smoothes lines and dullness while the infamous Miracle Broth replenish softer skin.

I love moisturizers at night, usually a nice thick one makes me really happy and during the day I just use an SPF/moisturizer (Tom Ford Face Protect SPF 50.)

4. La Mer The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream

A cooling gel with the legendary Miracle Broth heals skin.

5. Kiehl’s Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

This masque brightens dull skin, while exfoliating when removing the mask.

6. Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme

This creme is so velvety. It lifts, contours and helps the loss of radiance, firmness and skin tone. Skin is more sculpted and wrinkles are dramatically reduced.

💋 Mahagony

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