February is here,

It’s so crazy how we’re already into the second month of 2016. Someone told me once you hit your 20’s time flies. I’m 22, and I’m definitely feeling it.

Here’s a list of holidays for this month if you didn’t already know!

P.S Happy Black History Month ✊🏽

  • 2nd Groundhog’s Day
  • 7th Super Bowl Sunday , Superbowl 50
  • 8th Chinese New Years Year 4714!
  • 9th Mardi Gras(Fat Tuesday)
  • 10th Ash Wednesday
  • 12th Lincoln’s Birthday
  • 14th Valentines Day
  • 15th President’s Day
  • 15th Singles Awareness Day
  • 20th Hoodie-Hoo Day (No idea what this is…..)
  • 22th Washington’s Birthday
  • 28th Oscar Night 2016
  • 29th Leap Day – then, not again until 2020

Enjoy this month, stay tuned for Valentine Day gifts for Him/Her and others!

Mahagony 💋

Instagram | @casuallyalluring

7 thoughts on “February is here,

  1. simplyalyssa89 says:

    Great post!! Hoodie-Hoo Day is where residents of the Northern Hemisphere step outside at noon, wave their hands over theirs heads and yell Hoodie Hoo! It has to do with winter. There are some odd days people make up. Some are funny though. Love your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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