Hey guys, this is different from my typical posts, but I’m here with HomeAway to speak about vacations! If you haven’t seen this video that’s going viral, I’ll link it here …#WholeVacation  & you know there’s something about these motivational speaking videos that seem borderline cheesy, yet intriguing at the same time.

I thought, “Here we go, another person telling me to live in the now & be present.” Words that are better spoken then done.

Except this video is something that I live for. Are we “Working to live, or living to work?” I’d like to think everyone is at this point where your typical “9-5” is not mentally inspiring. Of course it pays the bills, but even even that statement alone, sounds like you don’t like your job, you’re only there for the time being. & that’s great and all…don’t get me wrong I currently have one myself.

This isn’t for you guys. I’m talking to the ones who bury themselves in work and forget to live in the now and let life moments pass you by.

Don’t get so caught up working that you forget what truly matters. Family, friends, the time you’re actually here on this planet. Stated in the video, you’re not going to look back and be like “Dang, I wish I spent more time working…”

If you have vacation time, don’t be afraid to use it. Make memories with the people in your life.
With the HomeAway movement.  HomeAway offers over 1 million vacation rentals to accommodate every budget to help families/friends experience moments together.


Mahagony 💋

Instagram @casuallyalluring
All photos are from HomeAway.

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