White With Style

Hey guys,

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on how I keep my teeth extremely white. I’ve gotten a few Zoom sessions from my dentist, but I always have this kit from White With Style where I notice a difference within minutes. 

I’ve received this kit back in June, fell off for a couple months on the treatments but started right back up and I’m glad I did.

What is included in your White With Style Kit

For those who don’t know, White With Style is a at home whitening kit. It’s guaranteed to whiten your teeth 7 shades in one treatment. For only 30 minutes.

 The kit includes 10 treatments, custom trays, LED, syringe filled with whitening treatment, Vitamin E filled Q-Tips and a shade guide for your reference.

& Don’t worry it’s FDA registered, Cruelty, Gluten, BPA and Sensitivity Free and 99.9% Kosher. 

So it works well on sensitive teeth, crowns, false teeth..lol whatever. It works by removing stains from your teeth, it doesn’t damage your enamel. 

This kit is selling for $270, but you can receive this for only …….$28!

 90% off.

By using my coupon code “casuallyalluring” during check-out.

(It works for all packages, but the one I use is right on this link below.)

Buy It Here!

Plus, they have new packaging with flavored whitening.

I don’t have before/after pictures, but you can see how white.

Also, Simply Spoiled Beauty has great makeup that you can get 40% by using my coupon code “casuallyalluring” 

Mahagony 💋

Instagram @casuallyalluring


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