Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner


Lip Kit by Kylie Packaging

Kylie Jenner has created a frenzy with her lips, whether its injected, or what color she is wearing…everyone wants a “Kylie Jenner lip.” & like the smart business woman she is, she took that and ran with it.

Which is why we are here to talk about her, sold-out twice in thirty seconds. Lip Kit.

Lip Kit by Kylie are Matte Liquid Lipsticks + Lip Liners. For those who don’t know what Liquid Lipsticks are they are applied like lip-gloss, with a heavy saturated color that dries matte and last longer than lipsticks (in my opinion.) All you need is one swipe and you have a beautiful soft powdery color on your lips.

The three colors she has are Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K. True Brown K is the only color that stands out with its pungent brown color. Dolce K and Candy K are your natural nudes.

(Left to Right) Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown K


(Left to Right) Candy K, Dolce K & True Brown K ($29)


(Left to Right) Candy K, Dolce K & True Brown K Lipliner ($29)


Whoever ended up getting the Lip Kit has fast hands, because she ended up selling out in 30 seconds, setting a world record. Pricing is at $29 each, you can see why…

You can get her lipkit…here..actually you can’t but I’m sure she will announce the next time she will restock them, in the meantime we can just sit around and wait, and for those who have it. I can proudly say that I am jealous.

Mahagony 💋

Instagram @casuallyalluring

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