Single Girl’s Guide to the Holidays

Okay, before I write this. When I was doing my research on this topic, everyone makes  being single sound horrific LOL. Sooo, I’ll make this as happy as possible 😉

See!  Is it ever that serious? Lol

Holiday season is here and approaching faster than I can even comprehend. It is that time where couples are together, cute trips, fabulous gifts, and the ever lasting phrase, “cuffing season.” But what about my fellow single ladies. I’m pretty sure we dread this time of year, & if you don’t…more power to you. For me this is my first holiday season being single in yearrss and I’m not complaining. I want to share a few tips on how to power blast through the holidays “minus 1.”

First things first, Leave your house.

Go out, meet new people, socialize. There’s nothing wrong with staying home but there’s a limit. Don’t hide yourself away, looking at everyone this holiday season on social media. You’re going to be so depressed and develop the “hate” syndrome. & let me tell you, that’s not cute.

Save your money (Stack)

Pick up extra shifts at work, maybe even get another job. Even though we have that saying, “Mo money, mo problems,” I don’t see it that way. When you have a nice looking bank account, you can be able to do whatever you want & purchase anything you want. & I don’t see a problem with that.

Take trips alone

Now this is something everyone should do, I explained more on a previous post on this topic. Taking trips alone can be riveting. Doesn’t have to be far, maybe even going to the beach alone can be amazing.. But if that sounds lonely to you, bring a close friend.

Shop, shop & more shopping

Can we talk about how this is actually a statistic. New makeup, shoes, clothes, electronics… When you look good, you feel good. Black Friday is coming up and the deals are good. Splurge a little.

More time with your family/friends

They will take your mind off of it. Unless your family is huge & nosey and wants every detail about your life, answer those  dreadful questions at thanksgiving and move on…

Being single isn’t terrible, especially when you’re not looking for anything. But to the girls who hate the holiday season being single, you’ll survive.

Mahagony 💋

Instagram @casuallyalluring

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