Look Better While Sleeping

If you’re in your 20’s this is the prime time to be paying extra time to your skin. In order for you to look amazing in your 40’s prevention starts now. & It’s funny I’m already starting to see some changes in my skin as I’m slowly climbing up the age meter, nothing major just when it comes to your skin you can’t be lazy. When you sleep that’s your skins time to rejuvenate and repair itself, if you want healthier skin/hair during the day…time to incorporate these nightly beauty routines.

Remove Makeup 

Oh…I can’t stress this enough. Clogged pores, your skin ages faster, oily or dry cracked makeup, wrinkles…just gross. Try as hard as you can to remove it, if you’re lazy keep makeup wipes by your bed so there’s no excuses. One time won’t hurt, but make sure you stop that habit.

I use these makeup remover wipes from Target, they are $3.79.

Go to town with moisturizer

Literally go crazy, you can never not moisturizer enough. Helps soothe and hydrate the skin and preps it for nightly renewal. Plus you wake up with the softest, glowing, supplest skin ever. Make sure you apply from your face to your neck.

I recently discovered these moisturizer by accident I just needed one and picked this up. Ever since I’ve been loving it. Not too greasy, perfect for under my makeup and my skin got softer and smoother after a week. Get these at Target too ( love Target 😐)

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Everything will be softer. Your hair and skin. The cotton pillowcases causes friction and wrinkles, sleeping on a sayin pillowcase will prevent all of those.

I have one from Bed, Bath & Beyond..mines black because of my bedding, but the range in colors to prints for $9.99

Use Eye Cream

Your eye area is the thinnest skin on your body, so treat it like its your child. Plus any signs of again will show up there first. Eye cream can soften the appearance of wrinkles and plump up the lines.

I go back & forth from my coconut oil to my first aid eye cream. The First Aid I got from Sephora, it brightens, softens, firms and smoothed while giving it a subtle glow. The coconut oil is great for hydration, leaves it soft and decreases wrinkles.

Drink Water Before Bed

Some say do it, some say don’t. Everyone’s a critic. But in all honestly I say do it 😉.  By drinking before bed you balance your hormones, energy levels and you wake up rejuvenated. While you sleep water gets to every part of your body. & it also reduces heart attacks. I just say drink water all the time, any skin problems you have will most likely clear up and you’ll look very healthy.

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