Warby Parker

Hey guys, I’m happy to say that I’m hopping on board with the Team at Warby Parker. We’re here to launch the new Fall 2015 campaign #FallSyllabus.

What is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker offers designer eyewear at reasonable prices. Starting at $95… Yet, not everyone can afford eyeglasses. Over one billion people, that is why Warby Parker partners with Vision Spring, so that every eyewear you purchase goes to someone in need.

Shop Warby Parker

The cool thing with Warby Parker is that they are the only carbon-neutral eyewear brands!

“Buy a Pair, Give a Pair”

Plus, this is really cool, Warby Parker offers  #WarbyHomeTryOn where you can get 5 pairs of eyewear for 5 days, with free shipping, To try it on before you buy it! Literally 100% free.

 Go check it out, and try on some new glasses 😉

Warby Parker Home Try On


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