Transitioning your makeup from Summer to Fall

Fall is coming, and this is my favorite time of the year! Most of you guys will agree with me. Time to say goodbye to summer makeup and slowly transition into fall. I’ll update you on what is needed this upcoming fall season, makeup trends and how to incorporate your summer makeup into fall.

Fall 2015 Trends

Pink Cheeks


Bold Red Lips


Try MAC  “Russian Red” $17

Dark, “Vampy” Lips Try MAC Lipstick, Diva, Sin, Instigator, Smoked Purple $17 

Big Lashes Try Eylure Vegas Nay Eyelashes in Grand Glamour $7.99 at Target  

Bronze Smokey EyeTry MAC Bronze Eyeshadow, $16  

Feathered Brows 

Try Anastasia Travel Brow Kit, $16 at Sephora   

    Fall Makeup Tips

    • Add some black; and I mean with your eyeliner. It instantly darkens your look. Think more “Cat Eyes”
    • Bye bright eye shadows! Move more into satin texture with muted, subtle tones. Browns, Bronzes, Plums, Purples, Navy..etc.
    • Highlight! Until we’re deep into fall and you can add more contouring, glow baby glow! (More like @amrezy on Instagram)
    • Darker Lips, every season the “vampy” look comes back and it’s my favorite. Don’t forget to pair with a lip liner.
    • Lessen up on the bronzer, and move it to more of your contour, under our cheekbones.

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