White With Style Collab

I’ve collaborated with White With Style to try out their amazing professional teeth whitening kit! It’s definitely a game changer because it’ll make your teeth whiter at least 7 shades in one treatment. 

All you need is 30 minutes of your time to make that smile shades whiter. It includes 10 treatments, custom trays, LED, syringe filled with whitening treatment, Vitamin E filled Q-Tips and a shade guide for your reference.

& Don’t worry it’s FDA registered, Cruelty, Gluten, BPA and Sensitivity Free and 99.9% Kosher. 
This kit is $270, but you can receive this for only …….$28!

How may you ask, I have a coupon code you can use during checkout, “casuallyalluring” use it to get it for 90% off! www.whitewithstyle.com

Don’t miss out on this steal!

Also, I wanted to show you these amazing makeup products from http://www.simplyspoiledbeautyproducts.com 

You guys can get 40% by using my coupon code “casuallyalluring” 


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