8 Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Makeup Bag

…56, 57, 58, Oh don’t mind me, I’m trying to count how many brands of makeup brushes there are & honestly it’s way too many, which can be overwhelming to many of my new makeup wearers. Brands, Quality, Pricing are all key essentials when finding a really good brush. & You don’t have to spend your whole life savings on good quality brushes.
I’m a huge fan of Morphe and their brushes are affordable and they deliver! So I picked out a few either to add to your existing makeup bag, or maybe even start over.


 1. Powder– A large fluffy brush is great for effortless sweeping of any powder foundation. (BK25, $14.99)

2. Blush/Contour– A slanted brush is similar to a regular blush brush, but makes it easier to contour the face. (B78, $9.99)

3. Foundation/Concealer– This 2in1 is perfect, use the foundation side for back and forth motions like a paintbrush, and the concealer side for under eye, or concealing blemishes. (AC010, $9.17)

4. Foundation pt2– More like a stippling brush, great for buffing liquid, cream or mouse foundation to achieve an airbrushed/natural finish. (BK5, $7.99)

5. Eye Liner– Small, thin brush. Easier to create the perfect winged liner or even just any liner along the lash line. (B46, $1.99)

6. Eyeshadow– Small, or large flat brushes used to deposit eyeshadow over your eyelid. (B84, $3.99)

7. Blending– Small, fluffy round brush is great for blending harsh eyeshadow lines into a seamless look, also great for your crease. (B81, $3.99)

8. Angled Brush/Spoolie– Perfect for brows, and the Spoolie to brush and make brow fillers look more natural. (B74, $2.99)

You can get these brushes at www.morphebrushes.com

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